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    The Savior


    A potent bouquet of Birch and Ylang Ylang essences enriched with the charming Apricot Kernel oil. This endless uses oil firms body skin, drains, soothes period pains and enhances hair growth and radiance. The synergy between Nordic and Tibetan remedies to calm and relieve the discomforts of our sacred moon-cycles. An irreplaceable guardian to skin from Mother Nature.


    In collaboration with Hello Serena |
    **Betula Alleghaniensis (Yellow Birch) Oil, *Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil, *Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil, *Tocopherol (Vitamin E), +Eugenol, +Isoeugenol, +Farnesol, +Geraniol, +Linalool, +Benzyl Benzoate. *organic **wild crafted +component of essential oil

    Do not use pure. Add 1-2 drops to your favorite cream, lotion or oil.
    Holi tips
    Use for draining or post work-out massages, add to air fresheners to purify and reduce pollution, add few drops to bath, mud or body wrap, add to steam bath to treat cold or flu, tap to solar plexus to enhance self confidence.

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    Main Ingredients


    Birch – Betula alleghaniensis Britt.

    Skin benefits:

    Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, draining, anti-cellulite, firming, detoxifying,

    reducing swelling, joint pain, healing eczema.

    Main actives:

    Methyl Salicylate.

    Ylang Ylang – Cananga odorata

    Skin benefits:

    anti-inflammatory, regenerating, draining, skin metabolism booster,

    stimulating hair growth.

    Main actives:

    Benzyl Acetate, Linalol, Farnesol, Geranyl Acetate.

    Apricot – Prunus armeniaca L.

    Skin benefits:

    firming, rejuvenating, illuminating, nourishing, healing, reducing redness,

    non greasy

    Main actives:

    Oleic (C18:1 70%), Linoleic (C18:2 20%), Palmitic (C16:0 5%), Alpha-Linoleic (C18:3), Stearic (C18:0), Vitamin E, Vitamin A.

    Olfactory Notes


    Woody, minty, spicy, earthy.


    Exotic, sensuality, floral, enchanting, inspiring.



    Hair care: radiance. growth boosting.

    Body care: firming, draining, period pain.

    Spiritual care: positivity, mood boosting.


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