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    The secret to longevity has finally been revealed through the collaboration between the biology experts at Vegetal-Progress and Mother Nature’s relentless pursuit of beauty led by Cecilia Holistic Beauty. The result is Superskinny, a premium formula designed to deliver well-aging pills for both your body and your mind. Formulated with ingredients that stimulate metabolism and help maintain a healthy sense of satiety, Superskinny combines the mechanical efficacy of prickly pear pads with the emotional wellness benefits of 5-HTP, which boosts mood and emotional fulfillment. The product also contains ingredients that stabilize blood sugar levels, a key factor in longevity and extending health span. It also includes components that combat inflammaging, manage cholesterol, and promote liver detox. A true pill panacea that works holistically for your well-being.


    Apple Cider Vinegar (EU origin) powder, Prickly Pear (IT origin) despinate blades dehydrated micronized powder, Cinnamon (Sri Lanka origin) bark powder, Nettle (EU origin) leaves powder, Maltodextrin, Ginger (China origin) rhizome micronized powder, Griffonia (EU origin) powder, Clover (EU origin) whole plant powder, Milk thistle (EU origin) fruit powder, Agrimony eupatoria (EU origin) summit powder, Dioscorea (China origin) tuber powder, Calcium carbonate.



    We recommend taking 1 tablet before each main meal.

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    Based on Apple Cider Vinegar, Cinnamon, Griffonia 5-HTP, Prickly Pear, Nettle and other extracts with digestive and depurative properties. This potent mix, along with a healthy and active lifestyle, contributes to body weight balance, satiety and reduces sugar cravings.
    With Superskinny, you have the science of longevity at your fingertips. Now is the time to take care of you both externally and internally.
    In collaboration with Vegetal-Progress |

    Main Ingredients

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Enhances nutrient absorption, regulates blood sugar levels, supports digestion, and provides an alkalizing effect for balanced health.

    Prickly Pear

    Known for its ability to promote satiety and maintain body weight balance, it also helps regulate digestive transit for optimal health.

    Griffonia 5-HTP

    Enhances appetite regulation, sleep improvement, mood booster, mental well-being and relaxation, providing emotional satiety.


    This anti-inflammatory and digestive aid is also a powerful antioxidant, helping to protect your body and improve overall digestive health.


    Boosts metabolism and improves digestive function, while its antioxidant properties protect your body from oxidative stress.

    Milk Thistle

    Provides liver protection, regulates blood sugar levels, and helps manage cholesterol, supporting overall metabolic health.


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