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Cecilia Holistic Beauty

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    Cecilia Holistic Beauty

    Sacred Sinchronicity


    I dream of a friend that I haven’t heard from for a long time … and after few hours there is a call, or a message from her.

    I reflect on an author’s phrase, and shortly after I find it written on an object given to me at Christmas, which I hadn’t noticed; then, again, I discover that my husband is reflecting on the same sentence, for different reasons.

    I have a propose for a crazy project, and a moment later, passing in front of a shop window, I see an agenda saying “if you can dream it, you can do it”. And of course I buy it.

    I recognize the statistically improbable recurrence of family numbers in a new and unusual situation.

    These are “temporal coincidences of several events without connection but with similar meaning”; according to Jung. They are based on the simultaneity of different mental states, and cannot be causally explained, at least with the resources currently known; but somehow these strange coincidences act as signals to communicate something about ourselves and our inner conversation.

    They call them synchronicities. Not synchronisms, not cases, not coincidences; synchronicity.

    Every day we walk towards destinations that have always been waiting for us.

    The world and nature move with a harmony that is partly unknown.

    Everyone’s life is full of mysterious synchronicities.

    But you have to know how to observe, recognize, perceive them.

    With open eyes, heart and spirit.


    “If I could, I would write a giant encyclopedia on the words “luck” and “coincidence”.

    It is with these words that the Universal Language is written”

    (Paulo Coelho)


    My name is Grazia, I am the mother of Cecilia, the founder.

    I work as a doctor, but I have always been passionate about music and singing.

    In July 2020 I attended a vocal technique and songwriting masterclass in Foligno. It was an important occasion for me for many reasons.

    First of all the privilege, and the great emotion, of having an artist as a teacher, L’Aura (elleapostrofoaura), whom I have always loved and admired.

    Then the privilege of detaching myself from work and family commitments for few days, to devote myself to music and composition, in a peaceful environment as only my beloved Umbria can be.

    Again, the privilege of having silence around and inside me.

    Surely I was in an extremely receptive and listening emotional state… and in fact it was a week of ideas, memories, dreams, synchronicities.

    Upon my arrival on Sunday, in the peace of the “ Agriturismo La Maestà “ , as promised, I connected via Instagram to the presentation of

    “Cecilia Holistic Beauty”. A unique emotion, a dream that came true for my little girl who has grown up.

    On Monday, after a visit to Assisi, I met my “classmates”: all different, but all in love with music and singing, and with more or less advanced artistic projects. When Benedetta, who with Caterina forms the duo “Victoria on the grass”, announced that their first song would be released on Spotify that day, I promised her that I would have listened to it. And so I did.

    I thought about how great expression must have been for her, as well as for my Cecilia, in finally seeing an artistic project (and not only) taking life.

    It was evening, I was walking under the stars in the silence of the Umbrian hills, broken only by crickets and some distant barking, and I started the song “Victoria” on my headphones. I was blown away. For the sweetness of the music, for the ethereal atmosphere… and for the lyrics. It did not seem true to me: the words of “Victoria” had an extraordinary similarity with the words of the story of Cecilia Holistic Beauty, with the texts and photographs of the site. It seemed that Benedetta’s song was written for Cecilia’s project.

    “Imagine a girl” … “flowers all around” … “connected to Mother Nature” …

    Excited, almost shocked by this apparent coincidence, I immediately thought that it could not remain so. It was a great synchronicity.

    A project had to be born; indeed, he was already born.

    The next day I told Benedetta how much the song had moved me… and I saw in her face, so reserved and discreet, a flash of joy. And then the project took shape: here is a page of the CHB Journal, dedicated to music and synchronicity. With the participation of Victoria on the Grass.

    “Victoria” becomes Cecilia’s song Holistic Beauty. Here the song. Happy listening!

    Every wish to Benedetta and Caterina, as well as to Cecilia, to be able to continue to move souls and create beauty and emotions.


    With Love,