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    Cecilia Holistic Beauty

    Sacred Beauty

    Every day my heart is full of gratitude as I was born and grew up breathing the heritage and charme of a very pioneering clean beauty industry.
    Then a lifelong deep passion in pure rarest raw materials, their skin healing properties and the feeling of a rooted mission led me to create a new concept of skincare with a genuine holistic soul melted with scientific know how and tradition.
    Since the beginning, one of my aim was to give life to a community of Sacred Beauty Muses.
    The name muse derives from the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song and poetry, arts and sciences.
    A Sacred Beauty Muse uses her feminine intuition and sensitivity as the source of inspiration and wonder. She is developing and strengthening her innate powers to envision and express soulful creative beauty with love, gratitude and grace.

    I would love to share our Sacred Beauty Muse manifesto:

    She is beauty in its sublime imperfection
    she is gratitude
    she is love
    she is a blessing
    she is the embodied wisdom of mother earth
    she is courage and vulnerability
    she is joy and strength
    she is sensuality
    she is the artist
    she is power and peace
    she is grace
    she is kindness
    she is acceptance and tolerance
    she is the sun, star and moon dancer
    she is stillness
    she is sacred movement
    she is wilderness and freedom
    she is home
    she is infinite inspiration